Tornjak is by its duty a shepherd dog, a herd guardian. Shepherds used them thousands of years back to assist with their cattle, most often to keep sheep, which are after the dog, the first domesticated species of animals. Written evidence about Tornjaks dates back to the 11th century, that Tornjak was created and developed in the space of today’s Croatia. The Croatian Kennel Club as an important historical year for the Tornjak breed stands out the years 1067 and 1374,  when the Tornjak’s have been mentioned for the first time in written documents as a Bosnian-Herzegovinian-Croatian breed. Research about their presence throughout history and in the recent times has led to systematic rescue from extinction, began in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rescue of the breed has started 1972-1978. Thanks to this efforts the breed has maintained to date.

Tornjak Tiara Boss-Tor
Young Croatian Tornjak Champion – Tiara Boss-Tor

History of Breed

Based on old written documents we can reveal how Tornjak’s once looked like:

Canis montanus” (“mountain dog”) is widespread throughout Croatia. Thier task is to guard and defend the owner and his property, especially livestock from the predators, especially the wolves and the bears. Dog height reaches 60 to 75 cm, with variety of fur colors:  black, white, gray, yellow, brown and red, or they can have simultaneously three-coloures (tricolor). His fur coat long to short and straight. The ears are hanging freely, and the tail is covered with thick and long hair.

Tornjak jumping
Tornjak jumping