Welcome to the world of Tornjak!

This web site is dedicated to magnificent Tornjak dogs (official name: Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Croatian Shepherd Dog). Here you will find general information about this wonderful dog bread, about their history, character, physical appearance as well as information that we collected through our personal experience. Also you will find a lot of information about our beautiful tornjak puppies.  Introduce yourself with the content and feel free to contact us for questions. We hope you will find something for yourself here, a little fur-ball of happiness.

 Our M-Litter

All puppies from our M-litter have found their new homes. We don’t have any puppies for sale anymore.

Watch the progress of Tornjak Puppies

13th Week of M-Litter – Winter fairytale


8th Week of M-Litter

Happy family
Happy family

6th Week of M-Litter

Sweet Milky
Sweet Milky

5th Week of M-Litter

Tornjak puppies enjoying sunshine
Tornjak puppies enjoying sunshine

4th Week of M-Litter

Tornjak puppies playing on sunshine
Playing on sunshine

3rd Week of M-Litter

Garden Tornjak puppy party
Garden puppy party

2nd Week of M-Litter

Suckling Tornjak Puppies
Suckling puppies

1st Week of M-Litter

Tornjak puppies, M-litter with mother
Tornjak M-litter with mother

Get to know our puppies, one by one!

Mister portrait
Mister portrait

My Tornjak wishes you Happy Holidays


On November 7th 2017,  the General Assembly of the FCI in Leipzig, after 10 years of provisional recognition, have definitely recognize the Bosnian Herzegovinian – Croatian shepherd dog Tornjak as a official FCI breed. More info on Tornjak…